True Detective Stories

While I cover the left-wing bias of the national media, the fact of the matter is the rot goes deep to the core of journalism. Sure, the New York Times, Washington Post and their colleagues are cheerleaders for the left, but local news outlets are equally terrible. Take Philadelphia’s NBC 10 news, for example.

At the Philadelphia Police Department, the motto is “Honor, Integrity, Service.” Those are the three words written on the Shield.

Apparently some wise guy at NBC 10 is not a fan of the PPD, because on Thursday night an altered graphic appeared on the 5 p.m. news, with the words “Coffee, Corruption, Donuts” appearing instead on the crest and looking like this:

NBC 10 frequently calls police stations and detective divisions for information on crime stories. I’m assuming their access after this stunt will be severely limited.

Without going too deep into the weeds, I can say from my experience at Eyewitness News that graphics are typically built by an art department, and then added to the chyron system, where producers then manually insert the pictures into the newscast. So there would normally be a couple of layers of proofing here, a few sets of eyeballs looking at the graphic to make sure its correct before going to air.

I can’t speak for NBC 10’s process, but in most cases you’d have a producer check the work, then the executive producer takes a look to triple check before approving the story within the rundown.

So only one of two scenarios can be true. NBC 10 is completely incompetent and never let a producer approve the chyron, or the production staff of NBC 10 dislikes the police. Personally, I believe the latter is the case. Hopefully, the 5,000-plus police officers in this city see this for what it is and start changing the channel.

9 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Cockroaches do not like the light of day…find out who was responsible and broadcast their names…do it in such a way that if anyone Googles their name, their despicable actions will come to light…

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  2. Cathy – I’m sure they got a big laugh out of it, then solemnly stated they support the police. F them.

    Doc – There are a few news sites trying to find who did it, and if that happens, I’ll post the name in the top banner here.


  3. Maybe if the police just took there time when anyone from that newsroom called for anything they might get a clue or if they suddenly kept getting pulled over for say just anything. Just saying


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