The Wheels Of Steel

An enterprising engineer decided to substitute a bicycle’s tires with circular saw blades to effectively ride on ice and frozen waterways.

An engineer with The Q, who previously replaced his bicycle wheels with running shoes, took his creativity a step further with giant circular saw blades. He carefully removed the tires and the spokes from the original wheels and engineered the entire bicycle to handle such heavy and sharp blades.

He then took the bicycle out onto a frozen lake to see if he could ride it across the ice. The first try didn’t work, but after he sharpened up the teeth a bit more, the second one was a complete success.

Sure, everything is fine and dandy until you wipe out and your legs are shorn off.

You can see the video below the fold.

9 thoughts on “The Wheels Of Steel

    1. “It’s inventing something for the sake of inventing.”

      Sorta like an electric car. Doesn’t save the environment, taking into consideration the damage done at rare earth metals mines. Doesn’t end exploitation of the child workers at the above mentioned mines. Doesn’t reduce carbon emissions (which aids plant life) because most electricity in this country is generated by fossil fuels. I guess the only thing electric cars do is hype the virtue signaling of their owners.

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