The Minnesota Department of Transportation has unveiled their new weapon against snow. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you the Tow Plow.

If you see a giant snowplow that looks like the trailer is spinning off the back of the plow, don’t worry – it’s just the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s tow plow.

A tow plow is a 26-foot plow with an adjustable blade that’s mounted on a trailer and pulled by a tandem-axle snowplow, allowing a plow driver to clear more snow in a single pass than it would with a regular snowplow.

But apparently, tow plows scare people when they going into action, with some thinking the trailer is spinning off the back of the plow, according to the MnDOT Minute video the department shared Thursday.

This is sheer genus, which makes me think no one from Minnesota actually invented this creation.

15 thoughts on “Minne-Tow-Ta

  1. They were testing them here in California three years ago. It was a pilot from the University of California, but I think they were too high maintenance to be worthwhile.

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  2. Ingineer – They probably spent most of the funding deciding on what its pronouns were.

    Mike AKA Proof – So, in Texas this month?

    TXNick – Or a moose. It is Minnesota, ya know.

    Ronni – So could PA, but we’re not technically savvy enough to know how it works.

    RG – Pretty sure they’re taking over Sweden as well.

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  3. These have been around for a while. The back half isn’t a trailer in the traditional sense. The connection to the tow vehicle is hydraulically controlled.


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