I’ve Got A Hot Date!

Well, it took twelve days, but I have finally been scheduled for my shoulder surgery. The scheduler called yesterday afternoon, and after apologizing profusely for the wait, she gave me all my information.

Apparently, the douche canoes at Blue Cross Personal Choice were dragging their feet on approving the surgery. Literally the only good benefit of being law enforcement in this town is the medical benefits, and lately even the health insurance has been going south.

The scheduler, a very nice woman, by the way, asked, “So, do you want to do the surgery last week?” I replied, “It hurts more every day, but I see your point.” I have to see my primary doctor for a surgery clearance – bloodwork, EKG, etc. – then a Covid test. If both come back okay, I’ll be ready to go.

The surgery is scheduled for Friday, March 5th, and barring any issues, I’ll be home the same day.

As for the blog, I have no idea how I’m going to proceed. If I can type with one hand without too much discomfort, I’ll put up three posts a day. If I can’t, I’ll figure something out. My primary concern is getting through the operation and going gangbusters in therapy.

I’ll get some pre-written posts up the weekend of March 5th in case I’m too tired, woozy, disabled, etc.

In the meantime, it’ll be business as usual here.

18 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Hot Date!

  1. Do what you need to do for you health-wise. We will all be here when you get back; hanging on your every word. Seriously, hope everything goes well with your primary doc so you can have the surgery and get back to your normal, pain free self. After the surgery, hopefully the only painful thing you will have to deal with is Diego!!


  2. Glad you are back on track. I’m with Mike. Take care of yourself first. You have a loyal group here and I imagine we’ll all be back regardless of how long you need to rehab. You can always just post and “open thread” and we can all fight amongst one another.

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  3. Mike47 – Understood, but I feel like I have a responsibility. Maybe I’ll let Kevin run the blog. He can talk about his video games and the WWI documentaries he watches.

    Ronni – Amazingly, the primary doctor said I could come in tomorrow. The only snag so far is my follow-up appointment is two weeks after surgery, and the surgeon is off that week. So follow-up will be three weeks afterward. Not that it matters, since I’ll be out of work until nearly May.

    RG – Also a good idea.


  4. I, for one, will not tolerate a slowdown in content here. For what I have to pay to get here, you can endure a little discomfort to keep me entertained. Look, last year, when I had to have surgery to repair my herniated disk, did I stop reading here? Did I stop coming by? No. No, I did not.

    Be forewarned: any decline in content quantity will result a in a very sternly-worded letter to your superiors. GOP style.

    So there.

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  5. Ingineer – I just want the pain to subside. I can handle the surgery and the hell week afterward, but it would be nice to not be in miserable constant pain every time I move my arm.


  6. Let Mrs Earp post about what a pain in the a$$ you’re being the 1st day. Then after that let the kids post pictures. I bet your kid’s ninja doctors fixing your shoulder will keep us entertained for a couple of days.


  7. Maybe Diego the Idiot Detective could pitch in and take dictation for your blog. Seriously, though, prayers are with you … and the family.


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