Crossword Uses A Very Cross Word

A local Canadian newspaper is under fire for using an offensive word in their weekly crossword puzzle. One of Le Plateau’s clues referred to an offensive word for black females. Ouch.

Montreal’s Métro Média has apologized for including the N-word in a French-language crossword in the community newspaper Le Plateau.

“We recently published a crossword containing an expression that could be hurtful to our readers, particularly those from the Black community,” Métro Média said in a statement posted to Facebook, Monday afternoon.

The clue was “Person of the Black race.” The answer was the feminine-plural version of the N-word.

For the record, that word would be “negress,” which is occasionally used in Archer on FX when referring to Lana Kane. And people say you can’t learn anything from animtaed sitcoms.

7 thoughts on “Crossword Uses A Very Cross Word

  1. Regardless of what you say, someone some place is going to take offense and call you out. I am so sick and tired of this idiotic cancel culture!


  2. “Lana Kane”. There’s a nice name for a character… ” Lanacane (benzocaine)is used for the temporary relief of pain and itching and to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. “


  3. Cathy – Of course they are. Like the politician who was canceled for using the word “niggardly,” which means stingy. Of course the left went crazy because they thought it referenced the n-word. The word was introduced in the Middle Ages, well before the n-word was used.

    Mike47 – I’m pretty sure I read that’s what they used the name.


  4. “What a charming negress!”

    That was a line from a Star Trek episode where Abe Lincoln visited the Enterprise.

    He said it to Uhura, then apologized.

    She replied, (something to the effect that)… “Do not worry. We have matured so that no words can hurt anyone.”

    I wish…. I just did a search on You Tube for the video clip I referenced. It has been deemed adult material and denied to younger viewers.

    I think I’ll find a safe space.


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