Rush Limbaugh: 1951-2021

Rush Limbaugh, the man who reinvented talk radio and defined conservative has passed away after complications of lung cancer. Rush was 70 years old.

One of the world’s most studious and influential broadcast personalities that has ever lived – Rush Limbaugh – has passed away aged 70.

Limbaugh announced his battle with lung cancer to his multi-million-a-day audience back in January 2020. Since then, the radio giant had battled to continue bringing his show to his beloved audience, throughout one of the most fraught and contentious electoral battles the U.S. has ever seen.

Limbaugh, an avowed conservative, had been broadcasting his show since 1988 and was entered into the Radio Hall of Fame and the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Limbaugh was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald J. Trump in 2020.

My first contact with Rush was during his television show in the late 80’s. He was always entertaining, funny, and straight to the point. Rush made a deep impression upon me and shaped my political ideologies.

I’m extraordinarily proud that President Trump awarded Rush the Medal of Freedom when everyone knew each day could be Rush’s last. The man revolutionized conservatism, and he was a happy warrior, spouting facts instead of venom. Rush cannot be replaced, but I am thankful for the time he gave us all.

Rest if Peace, Rush. You will be terribly missed.

18 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh: 1951-2021

  1. Been listening to Rush almost his entire career. RIP Rush. Prayers to your family. Here’s to hoping there is someone who can continue to poke a sharp stick in the eye of the left.


  2. Cathy – Yeah, I don’t know who could possibly fill his shoes.

    Veeshir – Apparently #Goodriddance is trending on Twitter. No idea why any conservative would still be on that disgusting platform.


  3. Funny how when someone on the other side announced they had a life-threatening illness Rush would always be the bigger person and wish them the best in that battle, and when someone on the other side died he at least would commend them for holding true to there beliefs. He was even magnanimous toward them like when he discussed John Lewis and his passion and fight for civil rights in the 60’s. I know that NO one on the other side will do that, and heaven forbid we do the same cheers and dances for joy when one of them gets a life-threatening illness or just dies. Civility is both an art and indicative of manners…things that with Rush’s passing has just diminished.


  4. Wyatt, thank you for this post honoring Rush Limbaugh. As was Rush, you are a class act no matter what the opposition may say or think. Stay strong, God bless you and your family.


  5. Gary – Twatter is filled with thousands of posts celebrating Rush’s death, as they claim he was a terrible person – blissfully ignorant that their tweets are galactically more offensive than anything Rush ever said.

    Mike47 – Thank you. There were times when he annoyed me, and the commercials were entirely too frequent, but he helped shape my political beliefs, and expressed conservatism better than anyone alive. I have no idea what I’ll listen to between noon and 3pm anymore.

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  6. I’m gonna be honest here, back when I discovered Rush, he was on TV at 5:00 in the morning. The TV I had in my bedroom at that time had a timer, so I was able to set it to come on when his show was starting. Not because I liked Rush, I actually detested him back then, but because I would wake up & cross the room as fast as I could to turn him off. Then something weird happened, the Dems nominated Billy Horndog, which made me dump the D’s faster than the R’s dumped Trump & I started listening to Rush. Became a fan after that.


  7. I remember telling some guys back in the early ‘90’s, it’s not that I agree with Rush, it’s that Rush agrees with me. He was an icon and a genius on how to build his audience.


  8. I started listening to him early in his career, finding him a breath of fresh air. To me, he represented what America was meant to be, the U.S. Constitution protecting. Individual liberty with responsibility. That he could be himself, speak from understanding, and say it like it is, encouraged all of us to be ourselves, with responsibility. Like one of my friends said, though I think that friend has forgotten part of it, you can do anything you want as long as you’re responsible, doing what’s right. Good words to live by.


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