PA Is Now Just Flori-Duh North

A Pittsburgh-area driver thought it would be cool to drive his SUV across a – supposedly – frozen lake this week. Try to guess how that worked out for him.

It was all eyes on the frozen lake at North Park as curious neighbors and walkers couldn’t help but want to know how and why someone would attempt to drive their SUV right onto it.

Emergency responders swarmed the area of Pearce Mill Road and Babcock after they got a 911 call reporting a 24-year-old man was out of his SUV and safe after the car started breaking through the lake into the frigid water.

Police say the driver was not under the influence. When they questioned him and asked why he drove through the boat launch and onto the lake they got quite the response.

“He said he thought it’d be fun to drive on the ice. But then he thought it was a parking lot,” said Allegheny County Police Lieutenant Scott Scherer. Police say he started answering additional questions and then stopped as his story changed.

Maybe next time, lace up your skates and play some hockey instead. Dumbass.

5 thoughts on “PA Is Now Just Flori-Duh North

    1. Sorry, Alfie, but that lake is about 5 minutes from my house and we’re a few hundred miles inland from the coast. I do agree though that there’s something in the air around here and getting worse all the time……..


  1. Cathy – You get enough snowstorms, you start to lose brain cells.

    Mike AKA Proof – But he BELIEVED he could make it, so it should have been so.

    Doc – It would have been richly deserved.


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