True Detective Stories

So, let me tell you about my Saturday.

I arrive early, as always, and the overnight shift was still in the office. Apparently they were dealing with three shootings – not an uncommon situation – but everything seemed to be under control. Most of the detectives were done by 8am, and all seemed well.

My one supervisor – who is universally hated by the entire building – decided he would “look into” the shootings, even though they were not ours and the overnight crew already assigned detectives to each case. The supervisor, undeterred because he’s a kiss-ass, dug further into the other squad’s business.

Shortly afterward, he realizes no one did anything with the third shooting. A detective was assigned to the job at 5am, but nothing was done. The supervisor told our highest-ranking supervisor, who contacted the overnight supervisor to get the story.

The witness claimed the victim was shot in one of our police districts, but them claimed she drove the victim to Camden, New Jersey for treatment, while passing two local hospitals with trauma units. Seems odd, but okay. The overnight supervisor sent officers to check for a scene, and they found nothing. The overnight crew contacted Camden PD and told them there was no evidence of a shooting at the location, and Camden said they would handle the job.

Our highest-ranking supervisor, after taking to the overnight boss, decided, “Nah brah, we’re not handling this, because there is no evidence the shooting happened on our side of the river.” It was the logical conclusion to anyone with a brain.

There are two glaring problems with the way this incident was handled. Obviously, the assigned detective should have done something. At the very least, he should have written a white paper or checked the scene for himself. The second problem is our kiss-ass supervisor. There was no need to dig into another squad’s job, especially after their supervisor made his decision. The only reason to do so is to make points with the captain. I mean, if that’s your thing, you do you; but it’s a bad look when you’re trying to throw your coworkers under the bus.

That’s just my $0.02.

1,349 days…

3 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. I always enjoyed working with brown nosers and kiss asses. NOT! I feel for you. Thanks for remembering to post the count đŸ™‚


  2. Some people will do anything if it will raise their standing with their supervisor, boss, etc. When my husband managed Lowe’s I would get the wives calling me wanting me to put in a good word for their husbands. I always gave them the same answer. “I don’t work at Lowe’s so I have no idea what kind of job your husband does. Good or bad.” Idiots!


  3. RG – When I left my last tour of nightwork, there were twelve jobs in the queue for the entire division. On Friday morning, there were 44 jobs unassigned. I put in 31 jobs in the course of the day, and my idiot sergeant asked why I didn’t put in the other 13.

    Ronni – I’m on the way out, and I have always been respectful to supervisors; even the ones I hated. That said, butt-kissing was never my style, and it the bosses didn’t like that, that was their issue, not mine.


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