So yesterday I was stuck in classroom training, learning about legal updates and human trafficking. You know, upbeat stuff. Our phones have to be switched to silent during the classes, and when I got home, I noticed I had a missed call. It was from the orthopedist’s office, so I immediately called back, hoping everything was a go on the surgery front.


The scheduler called me – and apparently six other patients – to let me know my surgery was canceled.

The scheduler – Cathy, a very nice woman – said my insurance provider first stated the insurance wouldn’t cover the surgery (which is ridiculous) then added the surgeon was not in their medical group (which is a lie). The insurance company approved my surgery Wednesday, then decided to revoke is Friday. This after I passed the surgery clearance and was ready to get the Covid swab. I guess I should be thankful they told me eleven days out and not the night before…

Cathy said I was the last patient to be told, and after a day of explaining why this happened to all those people, she was very emotional. “I don’t know what to say to you. I know you’re in a lot of pain.”

I was mostly quiet during the phone call, numb to the fact that I don’t know when – or if – I will every have the surgery. It’s stressful because the surgeon said the bicep is hanging by a thread. What am I supposed to do if it detaches?

You know, the only decent benefit from my job is the healthcare. It’s usually top-notch. Lately though, the insurance has us jumping through hoops for every little detail. I guess it’s worse for surgeries because I was told I was cleared… until I wasn’t. I mean, if the insurance is substandard now, why do I keep working here? Why have I wasted more than half my life in a job where “our betters” despise us?

Cathy said she thinks this has to do with Covid and some medical professionals not wanting to catch the strain. If that’s the case, those people need to resign and find another line of work. My surgeon, for his part, is royally pissed, and said he would continue pushing them to get me into the operating room. That said, I’ve been told it could be weeks… or months, and in the meantime I’m supposed to live with the excruciating pain.

11 thoughts on “Canceled

  1. Oh my gosh, Wyatt! I am so sorry. It’s not as if insurance companies aren’t making money during Covid unlike the average Joe. I know my premiums went up in January but coverage didn’t increase. Good luck moving forward. Hopefully it will help with your surgeon pushing for the surgery.


  2. Surgery canceled because of covid. B. S. Someone made a mistake. Blame it on covid. My life, marriage, children suck. Blame it on covid. Get caught running a red light. Blame it on covid.


  3. You have no idea how bummed I am. There’s always booze and pills… I’m sure you can score from one of the Antifa or BLM out on the street. Seriously, you’re in my prayers and I hope you have a quick resolution.


  4. If it were me or my wife, I would get on the phone to my insurance agent and make lots of noise. Next step would be to call an attorney. Sounds like you are being screwed over by the hospital. If they can’t get you in due to COVID, that’s a scheduling issue, not a coverage issue.


  5. Ronni – I’m invested now. I’ve had two appointments with him, we discussed what we want to do, and it was approved BY THE INSURANCE COMPANY Wednesday, only to renege on Friday. I mean, what the hell?

    Cathy – Covid is just an excuse they give when they know they’re lying. These people are disgusting.

    RG – I’m popping Tylenol like it’s Pez at this point. My question to the insurance clowns is this: what do I do when the bicep fully tears? Wait for authorization?

    Mike47 – When I was at the gym today, Mrs. Earp called Law Enforcement Health Benefits (LEHB) which runs our insurance. The twat on the other end actually said, “Well, all doctor’s offices say they’re in the network…” Are you f**king kidding me? I went there twice and was approved by LEHB twice.

    The bitch sent us an email showing who is in the network, and all the doctors in this orthopedist office are “in the network” except my surgeon. How is that possible, especially after the surgeon said we’re good to go? They simply don’t want to allow me to get the surgery.


  6. Wyatt: Please document all of your calls, emails, etc. You may end up with a nice lawsuit. If you send anything through the mail, send it certified, receipt requested…Record phone conversations, get your FOP involved, and make a complaint to the state insurance commissioner…Written complaints to your superiors, and to HR at regular intervals….and keep writing about it here….good luck….

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  7. Doc – Thanks. I’ve been sitting home watching TV all day stressing out and eating. (Luckily I went to the gym early.) I hate these people – the insurance people and LEHB. This isn’t cosmetic surgery, it’s something the surgeon said is NECESSARY. Just allow it to go through and let me get this fixed. It is jeopardizing my career. I cannot use my weapon if I have a lame arm.

    And honestly, I’m sick and tired of the Covid bullshit. It’s been almost a year since we’ve been shut down. Enough!


  8. Kitty – Thank you, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact the surgery is not going to happen. I’ll just live my life, and when the bicep detaches, I’ll go to the hospital and get it fixed then. At this point, I don’t even care anymore.


  9. Why not tell your union rep? They fought for this care and now you’re being denied have the union make a stink about it, if they say it’s time to switch providers to someone who will not deny what they had approved already might make them think….oh wait I’m living in a world that common sense and logic don’t work. I could add you to my church’s prayer list..for some reason people get on that list and things happen.


  10. Gary – I would if they were even remotely competent. The Philly FOP is, and has always been a joke. I broke my ankle during the run while I was a recruit. They refused to help me because I was not yet an officer. I replied, “I’m paying dues, though.” They didn’t care. Never asked them for anything again, with good reason.

    I’ll give the surgeon a week to see if he can get his changed. After that, I’ll look for another surgeon. Honestly, I don’t care anymore. The bicep will eventually tear completely and the hospital will have to do it.

    I’m not sure I deserve prayers, but I’ll welcome them.


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