Soros DA Covers Up Wall Of Remembrance

Larry Krasner – the Soros bought-and-paid-for Philadelphia District Attorney – has covered up the DA’s Office Wall of Remembrance, which memorializes police officers killed in the line of duty.

In a move that’s sure to offend every cop in the city, District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office has covered up a “Wall of Remembrance” that features a couple dozen plaques honoring hero cops who died in the line of duty.

The Wall of Remembrance is located on the mezzanine level inside the Ray Harley Conference Room at the D.A.’s office at 3 S. Penn Square.

I’ve been to the conference room a few times, and the wall is beautiful and sobering. Not that you can see it anymore, because this particular district attorney is a cop-hating piece of garbage.

“A f**king disgrace,” said one cop. “Here’s what Krasner thinks of cops who have died in the line of duty,” texted another cop who sent along the photo at left. In the photo, the wall is covered with a backdrop that bears the repeated images of the DAO logo of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

We already knew that Larry Krasner hates cops. When he was a defense lawyer, he sued the police department 75 times. At his victory party, the crowd chanted “F**k the FOP.”

Disrespectful actions such as these are why I decided to retire. And it’s not just me; there are over 700 officers in the DROP Program. The department has an average of 20-30 officers leaving the job every month. Combine that with the mayor’s promised hiring freeze until 2023, and pretty soon this 5,500 person police department will soon be a 4.000 police department.

You think 500 homicides are bad? Imagine what the number will be in a year or two.

11 thoughts on “Soros DA Covers Up Wall Of Remembrance

  1. Not to denigrate anyone else not mentioned, but Danny Faulkner must be rolling over in his grave while all the Mumia supporters are dancing on it. This DA is with out a doubt the biggest asshole in the entire “justice” system. I hope some drunken Republican runs him over in a hit and run.


  2. Made me so mad, I didn’t offer my other tidbit… When our DA pulled shit that pissed off all the cops, I can still remember convincing everyone not to do something stupid like miss court or submarine some trial, but to just inundate the DA’s office with cases. Good cases. Go to work and do our jobs and do them well. We did just that too. No matter how much they would dismiss a good case, we’d bring them two for every one. Wars with the DA are pretty much a given because usually they are assholes.


  3. Mike AKA Proof – I’m in my 27th year and I have never seen morale so bad. The mayor hates us, the commissioner hates us, and the DA wants us dead. It’s not really an exaggeration.

    Ingineer – We don’t need to be deified, but is it too much to ask that the District Attorney not be a cop-hating prick?

    RG – One of our detectives handled a shooting where the victims weren’t exactly angels. They refused to cooperate so the detective applied for search warrants for the phones to see if we could identify the shooter.

    Krasner’s ADA working that evening said, “This is just a fishing expedition. Denied.” That detective decided she was going “on strike” from here on out. Just doing the bare minimum, because that DA’s Office refuses to do their jobs.

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    1. Human nature is to do what she did and do the bare minimum. I don’t fault anyone that does that. In my case, I found much more satisfaction in doing outstanding work and inundating the DA with solid cases. When they threw them out, it just made them look bad and gave them a bad name. It really was much more satisfying than doing the bare minimum. This DA has gone further than any other that I have EVER seen. If your crappy Chief of Police doesn’t push back, it will make morale even worse. At the very least the FOP needs to publicize the whole thing. In today’s world, most of the public probably applauds the DA. Eventually it will come back on ALL of them. It’s shameful on the best of days.


  4. We now have one of these scumbags as an illegitimate vice president (at least the “vice” part is accurate.) When KH was Attorney General she was famous for letting repeat offenders go free and not supporting law enforcement. It’s some kind of mental disease, I think. No known cure except removal.


  5. RD – Never happen. The DA doesn’t prosecute thugs, but he will absolutely lock up a cop for “vandalism.” That’s how far gone this city has become.

    Mike47 – Soros-affiliated already plunged $100,000 into Krasner’s reelection campaign. He will be the DA for the rest of his life. Bank on it.


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