Students Will Be Forced To Care

The Cherry Hill (NJ) School District has decided every student must complete an African-American history class in order to graduate from high school. The suggestion was made by an uber-woke seventh grader, who totally thought this idea up himself.

The Cherry Hill School District is now the first in New Jersey to require students to take African American history in order to graduate. The school board approved the move Tuesday night.

Students had lobbied for the course to become mandatory. The charge was led by seventh-grader Ebele Azikiwe, of Beck Middle School.

If I were to guess, the “students” were a group of less than ten people, who were likely put up to it by their leftist parents. To wit:

Ebele penned a letter last summer to the school district, asking for a more comprehensive and accurate curriculum on African American history.

Yes, because every seventh grader is more concerned with wokeness than, say, video games and sports. I’d wager the parents suggested the kid write the letter, or probably wrote it for him.

“They’ve asked for a mandatory African American history class as a requirement to graduate from high school and that’s something we are moving forward with,” Cherry Hill Superintendent Dr. Joseph Meloche said in October.

Here’s my legitimate question: Will the school district also demand students learn Asian-American, Jewish-American, and Indian-American history before they are graced with a diploma? Or is this just valid for African-Americans?

9 thoughts on “Students Will Be Forced To Care

  1. RG – For the record, I’m not against AA history, but I am against forcing it on the students because a few kids decided to demand it. Put it to a vote, and go from there. The truly ad part is schools – public schools, specifically – are nothing but indoctrination camps anymore.


  2. Just think…. in a few years the only people able to build chemical, power, refinery plants and paper mills in this country will not be native born. Our kids are being taught (indoctrinated) by absolute morons.

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  3. TXNick – “Thank you and come again.” – Apu, America’s most prominent nuclear physicist.

    Ingineer – Funny how it’s only African-American history which is mentioned, while they’re trying to cancel the history of the Founders.


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