Meanwhile, In Belarus…

Belarus, like many of the Baltic states, has an alarming number of awful motorists. They drive too fast, they swerve too often, and they really like their vodka.

Incredible video: motorcyclist hit a car on the freeway and stuck a somersault landing on the roof.

The motorcyclist appears to be upright, alive at least. According to the video caption, this incredible incident occurred in Mogilev, Belarus.

Dude sticks the landing like he’s a combination of Spider-man and Mary Lou Retton.

You can see the video below the fold. It is truly entertaining…

The Soviet judge gave the motorcyclist a 5.5.

Thanks to CBD at AOSHQ for linking this post in the sidebar!

12 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Belarus…

  1. I ran into the back of a car once with my motorcycle. Landed on my back on her trunk.

    I found during my younger years as a motorcycle rider that my high school training and exercise for wrestling (which was gymnastics) taught me how to react in a fall or flip as I was uninjured in a number of incidents where I got flipped off my motorcycle.

    I recommend it for everyone as it also helps physically with flexibility and balance. You have to start young for the full benefit as the older you are the less able to take the practice falls.

    Also weight has a lot to do with falling safely.


  2. Jake – So you’re calling me fat? My youngest two kids take Krav Maga and they learn falls almost immediately. Plus, the girl is a dancer, so she is already good on her feet.

    JIC – Damned Lithuania. If it weren’t for them, maybe Belarus would have been closer.


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