Buh Bye, Minneapolis!

Minneapolis is preparing for the destruction of their city – again- as the Saint George Floyd trial is about to begin. I wonder if I’ll be able to see the fires from here?

The Minneapolis city government and local businesses are bracing for a new wave of violence as the officer accused of killing George Floyd faces a jury next week.

From now until the end of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial, swaths of the city’s downtown will be closed to traffic and strictly limited for pedestrians.

So you’re following President Asterisk’s lead and turning the city into occupied territory? Nice.

Businesses have begun boarding up windows in hopes of limiting further damage following last summer’s riots.

“You might want to consider adding physical barriers, such as boarding or permanent security gates,” Minneapolis Economic Policy and Development Director Erik Hansen suggested to local business owners at a recent news conference.

Wait a minute, I thought it was racist to board up businesses. It certainly was when the Saint George Floyd riots were in full swing.

The police promise a more proactive effort to quell social unrest this time around, pledging more officers to assist in arresting lawbreakers. Last week, the city council approved upward of $1.5 million for new security measures in an effort to minimize damage to both public and private property during Chauvin’s trial.

The police can make all the promises they like, but there is no way they will be allowed to keep the peace while the despicable city council hinders their every move. Hell, these clowns are still trying to defund the police. Honestly, the entire department should call out sick until the trial has concluded.

Let. It. Burn.

11 thoughts on “Buh Bye, Minneapolis!

  1. It is definitely time to buy stock in several popcorn companies. I’m up for them burning the entire city completely to the ground. The Somalis would probably feel much more at home. (I didn’t really type such a racist comment did I?)


  2. Kitty – I feel for the people who live in Portland and Minneapolis, but honestly, when you have people which vote for destruction, and they don’t decide to leave, well, that’s kinda on them.

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  3. Guilty, they have a pretext to riot because their narrative of police oppressing black men is confirmed.

    Not Guilty, they have a pretext to riot because systemic racism and white supremacy came to the rescue of another murderous cop.

    I live in New Brighton, about ten miles as the crow flies from where it all went down with junkie/criminal George Floyd. I’ve been voting Republican for twenty years (after wasting my votes on Libertarians and Jesse the Body Ventura). My folks are in the suburbs farther out and I can’t really leave until they die (which I hope is not soon; I love them). But I think South Dakota is in my future, if only for retirement.

    So I’m torn. I’d love to see Minneapolis go up in smoke, starting with the football stadium (that irony would be delicious). On the other hand, I don’t want to get any on me. Frankly, I think these coming riots are going to push even lefty whites out of the city and it’ll just be a place where Snake Plissken spends his weekend.


    1. Mitchell, I too live in deep blue territory. Not the territory where people are burning things to the ground (yet) but about 40 miles from Denver. I understand completely that people can’t just uproot themselves in many many cases. I’m retired and could go anywhere and want to, but one son and grandkids live here and my wife would be miserably unhappy if we left. I live to make her happy, so won’t leave. IF my son ever moves elsewhere, I will be outta here so fast it will make your head spin. I wish you many blessings of peace in your community and will pray it does not leave the city for the suburbs. All bets are off if they start burning down the suburbs. People will die if that happens. On a side note, I would LOVE to move to South Dakota. I have a good friend in Rapid City and he loves it.


  4. Tam – Yeah, you literally dodged a bullet.

    Mitchell – “I thought you were dead.” Everyone in Escape from New York. South Dakota is supposedly gorgeous, and its very conservative. We’re headed south to a solid red state in a few years. Kyle is now partial to Alabama.


  5. Can we just move the walls around the capital to those cities and put up cameras and just start taking bets like it’s a free for all MMA match?

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