God Bless Texas… And Whataburger

A patron who forced his way into a Whataburger line during the snowstorms was rewarded with a hot, steamy patty of Texas justice.

A TikTok user from Texas was part of a long line at a Whataburger restaurant during last month’s epic multi-day snowstorm. She revealed a crucial part of the Texas code in video she captured: You don’t cut in the Whataburger line.

TikToker @laaaauerny1 shared a video she took of the incident going down. First, she notes that a car is forcing its way into a long line at the popular fast-food chain. “Damn, that’s a dick move!” she observed, in a video on Monday. “That red car got in and didn’t wait in this line and he got in.”

The video then shows another employee headed to the driver of the offending car, presumably to boot the driver from the line.
“They’re kicking him out!” she exults. “You love to see it! You love to see it!”

For those of you who have not experienced Whataburger, the food there is amazing, in my opinion. In all honesty, I think this clown got off easy. I assumed some of those in line would have shot this idiot.

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