Smile At The Flash

A British woman decided to reward her fiancé by flashing him while he was playing videogames. Unfortunately for chesty babe, she didn’t realize her boyfriend was livestreaming his game.

A mum got the biggest fright of her life when she attempted a cheeky striptease for her partner. Laura Pomroy, 27, indulged in a pamper session and was feeling “kinda cute and sexy” when he decided to treat Thomas Mighill.

She appeared in the doorway and distracted him by lifting up her long shirt to show a “bit of leg” for her lover who was playing Xbox. When Thomas, 29, burst out laughing Laura was mortified to discover her saucy antics were being beamed live on Twitch.

The red-faced bar supervisor dived on the sofa in horror then burst out laughing when she realised what had happened. Quick-thinking Thomas stopped live streaming immediately and deleted the video.

I imagine there were many, many male gamers who were both aroused and disappointed in the span of about a minute and a half.

7 thoughts on “Smile At The Flash

  1. A flash mob of one?

    And Ditto, Gary. I could have lived longer without that image in my head. Or at least happier.


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