Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

Well, it’s been two weeks since my despicable insurance company canceled my shoulder surgery, but yesterday I finally received some fairly good news.

The surgeon’s assistant – a very nice woman named April – called yesterday and updated me on the surgery front. My surgeon has been battling with the insurance company since February 19th, the day they canceled the procedure with little warning.

The first thing April said was, “I’m sorry. I cannot imagine how you’re feeling right now.” April was in the office for both my previous appointments, and the pain was obvious. I told her the Advil doesn’t work, and the Tylenol is just hit and miss, but I don’t have a choice but to suck it up…

April then said the doctor has been working with the insurance company, and they have been going back and forth for two weeks. She then stated the surgeon would give the insurance company one week to decide what they are going to do, and if they try to screw me again, he will have another surgeon from the office operate on me.

I told April I really like the surgeon I have now, and I’m not mad at the orthopedists. I am, however, furious with the insurance people. Ideally, I’d want my original surgeon to perform the operation, but the other orthopedist is also a shoulder specialist, so I know I’ll be in good hands.

April promised a call next Monday or Tuesday, and whatever happens, we’ll go from there. I’m not sure if I have to start the process anew, or if my original MRI will suffice. I’m not really in any rush, but I’d like to have this done by the end of this month or early April. The pain is palpable, I can’t lift weights, and even getting dressed is becoming a chore. I just want to get back to normal.

Obviously, I keep you updated. Hopefully, I’ll have some better news in a week.

8 thoughts on “Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

  1. Here’s hoping the insurance company shapes up and things go your way! They can be a real handful and it makes me crazy when they aren’t consistent.


  2. Ronni – Agreed. They keep sending me emails at work saying I can get the Covid vaccine. I don’t trust these people at all anymore, so I keep deleting the email. I assume I’d get there and they’d say, “Nah bruh.”


  3. Cathy – No idea. They said he was in the network, and they approved the two visits and the surgery. Until they didn’t.

    DU – This is the first time I’ve had a real problem. Its ridiculous.


  4. Wyatt, I’m with Mike. I went to the VA on Feb 4th for my annual eye exam. (I get free glasses doing this.) While I was in the waiting room a nurse walked up and said, “Do you want a vaccine shot?” Somebody scheduled didn’t show and they didn’t want to vaccine to go to waste. I was actually on the fence about the whole thing since the vaccine was rushed into production so fast, but it took me under 5 seconds to say, “Sure.” I got my second shot last Thursday on March 4. You never know when the opportunity will arise. Oh, and for anyone wondering, the ONLY side effect I had was a sore arm. I had the Moderna vaccine.

    As for your surgery, all I can tell you is that you are still in my prayers each day and the prayers at my church each Sunday. This too will pass, but the pain endured will be hard to overcome. I hope they can give you something for the pain. If so, just be careful. I’ve dealt with chronic pain for a couple of decades and pain meds are a wonder, but I am very very careful with them. I’ve gone almost three months without needing them, but normally it’s only about once a week. My doc insists this is acceptable.

    Hang in there.


  5. Mike47 – She’s great. We get them for free, because “first responders,” but the rollout in the city has been abysmal. We were told we’d all have the first shot in December, and that turned to March. Most of us haven’t had it, and the ones who have got them in March. It’s a cluster, like everything else in this dying town.

    RG – I’m not going to get it until after the surgery. A coworker was denied his colonoscopy because he received a false positive after getting the shot. They think the shot showed the virus and they told him the colonoscopy had to be moved. So I’ll hope I don’t test positive and get the surgery done first.


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