Adventures In Child-Rearing

Unlike Kevin and Princess P, Erik’s school is utilizing a hybrid school schedule. The school is doing one day in school and one day online. I think it’s a ridiculous scenario which doesn’t benefit the students, but common sense is not entirely common anymore.

Like every kid, Erik needs socialization. Spending all day, every day in your own home can do some pretty severe damage to people’s psyche, and leads to all types of problems, such as depression. The good news is lacrosse practices have begun, and while Erik is suffering from shin splints, he should be good to go for the regular season.

Or so we thought.

Yesterday, one of the administrators called to tell me “because your son, on Monday March 8,was in a classroom and in proximity of a student who tested positive for Covid-19, your son will have to quarantine for Mon-Thu next week.”

Are you f**king kidding me? Erik has no symptoms, and kids are almost always immune to the Chinese Wuhan Virus maladies. But hey, “abundance of caution,” or some other garbage.

Worse still, it means he is banned from lacrosse practice until next week, and will miss the team’s first scrimmage. Also note, his lacrosse season was canceled last year, thanks to the Chinese. As Mrs. Earp said yesterday, “I am so over this.” It’s been over a year since the ChiComs released this plague upon the world, and far too many Americans are still acting like it’s Bubonic Plague.

There was some good news yesterday, however.

Two weeks ago, Kevin took the practice test for a really good private school in the area. (We would rather he not attend the school Kyle and Erik attended. See above.) The test took three hours and had nearly 298 questions.

We didn’t tell Kevin that beforehand. Why stress him out?

Anyway, Mrs. Earp drove him to the test, and sat in on a few speeches about the school while Kevin was taking the practice exam. The administrators said if a student earned a high enough score, they would not have to take the test again. Kevin is a very smart 7th grader, but I told him to just do his best, and whatever happens happens.

Kevin was tired when he got home, but he said he thought he did okay. We received the results yesterday, and he scored an 89. We’re not sure if that’s good enough to get him in – and the tuition is crazy – but he was very pleased with his score.

Worse comes to worse, if the prep school doesn’t work out, there’s a very good charter school close to our home.

11 thoughts on “Adventures In Child-Rearing

  1. I have a well-rounded education (it went to my belly, unfortunately)… from the school of hard knocks. I do not recommend anyone following in my footsteps.

    As Will Rogers said, “Some people learn by reading, some by watching, others have to pee on the electric fence to find out.” The first two methods may not be easier, but they are a lot less painful than the third.

    I was usually the one that had to do #3.

    Anyhoo, an 89 score sounds pretty good to me, if the questions were challenging. Good luck Kevin. Stay in school, watch others, and don’t pee on that fence.


  2. TXNick – I think Kevin would do well there, and the school makes every student participate in at least one activity. So everyone socializes. He’s certainly not going to the school Kyle and Erik attended.


  3. Good luck on all fronts. Glad sports are coming back. Around here they have started an abbreviated football season along with other sports. If Kevin gets in, will you have to deal with the “what the heck, I didn’t get to do that” from the older boys?


  4. Ingineer – All spring sports were canceled last year Many of us parents think the football/soccer seasons are a joke. They had their chance, and now you have about five teams fighting for the field. Believe me, this garbage school would cancel lacrosse, baseball and rugby to give football and soccer a full season.

    Erik lost an entire recruiting year in 2020. It’s tough enough to be recruited while in season, let alone during a cluster like this.


    1. Yeah it sucks. At least all the kids are in pretty much the same boat. At the school by my house, Lacrosse and soccer are more important than football., but I just learned they were doing football too this time of year with all the other sports.


  5. Best of luck…sounds like Kevin did well on the exam…prep schools usually prefer athletes that can help their teams…so he’s got that going for him as well.


  6. My grandkids have the same “hybrid” schedule. They go to school Tue/Thu. I have been told that the Chicom Flu cannot be contracted in any way possible on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s impossible. Mon/Wed, not so. Best stay home. Apparently Erik’s school and theirs are in cahoots together or just listen to the same stupid people.


  7. RG – Well after everyone gets the vaccine, the schools will still want a hybrid schedule. Remember, our public schools teachers are heroes… or something.


    1. Don’t know if I’m right, but my bet is if/when this is over, every single kid will be a minimum of one year behind.


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