A Win For Female Athletes

The Mississippi legislature has passed a bill which will only allow transgender athletes to compete against athletes who have the equal birth gender. So boys who claim they are girls will only be allowed to compete against biological males.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) signed a bill that restricts transgender athletes to only competing in sports that correspond to their birth gender. Mississippi’s SB 2536 will go into effect on July 1, the Associated Press reported.

The Magnolia State becomes the second state to ban transgender athletes from competing against natural-born girls after Iowa passed its law late last year. But more than 20 states are in the process of considering laws that would enact similar restrictions such as those in Iowa and Mississippi.

The gov. added that the bill aims to “protect young girls from being forced to compete with biological males for athletic opportunities.”

The governor is absolutely correct. This bill will level the playing field for female athletes in high schools and colleges across the state. It’s nice to see some states not cowering to the leftist woke mobs.

3 thoughts on “A Win For Female Athletes

  1. Well there go my hopes of winning a high school girls boxing competition.
    I had my dress picked out and everything.


  2. Veeshir – I’ll bet you have the legs for it. I do not understand how people can think this is a good thing for athletics. It will run real girls out of sports forever.

    I am, however, very excited for men to play on the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team with Megan Rapinoe.


  3. Never ceases to amaze me how much the party of “feminists” actually hates women. Kind of like they area dragging tons of women out to snitch on Cuomo, but nobody gives a crap. I wonder if maybe 100 women came out accusing the lecherous bastard if it would finally be enough. The Dems want to destroy women’s sports with all these tranny perverts, so it’s nice to see some push back.


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