Escape From New York Was A Fantasy!

The New York legislature just approved a seven billion dollar tax hike for the “eeevil rich” and statewide businesses.

This is a brilliant plan with lots of well thought-out, practical ideas. The legislature is insuring the financial security of this state for years to come

The tax increases come despite a $100 billion avalanche of fresh federal aid to New York, including $12.6 billion directly to state government coffers.

So instead of giving the citizens and businesses a break for once, New York is going to bleed the rich dry and raise taxes on businesses who haven’t been fully running for over a year.

Assembly leaders crowed in a press release Sunday that state lawmakers are proposing a $208.3 billion budget for the next fiscal year. Their plan includes a 22.6 percent increase in spending — or $16.9 billion — over last year. That’s more than 10.5 percent higher than what Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing.

To help cover the new proposed expenses such as rent for “New Yorkers who do not have access to unemployment, federal stimulus funds and other assistance programs’’ — including illegal immigrants — the pols said they want to raise the nearly $7 billion in new revenue through the taxes.

Living where I do, I have been to New York City multiple times. There are some amazing places in the city, and I’ve been lucky enough to see a Yankees game at the old park as well as the new. I’ve been to MSG to see the Rangers, and have been to the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and other amazing locales.

That said, nothing good will come of this legislation. The wealthy will simply pack their bags and head south – probably Florida, ironically – and the businesses will either relocate or shutter their doors forever. Everyone has been hurt by the Chinese Wuhan Virus – even the eeevil rich – and most people will start looking for less oppressive places to live.

I feel awful for those living there, but New York can burn to the ground for all I care.

7 thoughts on “Escape From New York Was A Fantasy!

  1. New Yorkers elected these idiots so don’t let the rich leave the state. Make them suffer the stupidity along with the everyone else living there.


  2. It’s very difficult to feel sorry for anyone in New York City or State. The vast majority of people voted for all they receive, hence the lack of empathy. My money is probably in some computer somewhere in New York for all I know, so as long as there is a good offsite backup, I’m good with whatever the outcome is for these fine voters.


  3. Cathy – Make no mistake, the taxes will hurt the regular people, too. It’s a toss-up between California and New York as the worst run state in the union.

    Max – Philly is already burning. The city has 102 homicides already.

    RG – Without NYC, New York might be a sane place. It’s the big blue cities which ruin the rest of the state. See also: Philly and Pittsburgh.


  4. I grew up in NYS watching NY pols, it was a jaw-dropping experience.
    That taxed almost all industry out of their state, like Carrier, GE, Oneida silver, Corning, IBM and more, so naturally they did the only logical thing, raised taxes again!
    Then tax revenue went down again so they raised taxes.
    Then tax revenue went down so they…
    Between that and the bribes they demand, excuse me, I mean the totally necessary economic impact payments to ease the suffering of The People they’re hurting by…uhhhh…. providing jobs, doing business in NYS is contra indicated.


  5. If Cuomo’s sex antics have started to wake some of them up this just may cause even more to want to start to get rid of more of them.


  6. Veeshir – And remember, AOC told Amazon they weren’t welcome in NY. Way to help your constituents, you twat.

    Gary – Entirely possible. I’d love to see the state go bankrupt. It would be a self-inflicted wound.


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