Twerkin’ For A Livin’

The Miami Police Department has been busy this week as Spring Break has commenced in Flori-Duh. Yeah, I really fell for them. They get to ogle bikini babes while we handle shooting after shooting.

It was a wild Friday night in South Beach. There were even women who jumped on a police car to twerk. The city is swarming with spring breakers.

“While taking a subject into custody, officers were forced to utilize pepper balls to disperse members of the crowd who were disorderly and surrounding officers,” Rodriguez said. “Several subjects have been detained. Two officers were injured and have been transported to the hospital.”

On Thursday night, officers said some people in the crowd threw bottles at them on Collins Avenue and 11th Street. Rodriguez said officers arrested three people during the mayhem.

I find it difficult to believe our young college students would act in such a despicable manner. These fine men and women are our future doctors, lawyers, and politicians!

6 thoughts on “Twerkin’ For A Livin’

  1. Ah, yes, life in the fast lane. Spring break in the late 60’s was always followed by “panty raids” when we got back and in the dorm and my room was on the ground floor. Yes, I am older than dirt. Nobody probably knows what a panty raid is these days.


    1. Isn’t a panty raid when you break up a gathering of snowflake liberals…or am I thinking of something else?


  2. How would you act after being locked up for over a year? Being older & hopefully wiser I will …. Dammit! I want to get drunk & party! Hell Yeah!


  3. Ronni – I do! Never had the pleasure of participating, but I’m well aware of them.

    Gary – That’s a pantheism.

    Cathy – Fair point. Speaking of, today was the day I had to drive to Dallas to bring Kyle home last year.

    RG – Who doesn’t enjoy a good nap?


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