The Jokes Simply Write Themselves

A nudist park about an hour’s drive north of Pittsburgh will reopen at the end of May, after being closed due to the Chinese Wuhan Virus. The park is located in Beaver County, PA.

The White Thorn Lodge Family Nudist Park announced that they will reopen for the 2021 season after having remained closed last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The park recently announced their plans on their Facebook page.

A statement released from the park’s Board of Trustees said that the park plans to open for the season on May 28 based on current COVID-19 trends.

I wonder if Beaver County prefers pelts, or do they allow the nudists to groom their private areas?

9 thoughts on “The Jokes Simply Write Themselves

  1. Why do I get the feeling that those in days long ago when they were naming places in PA started out with 1 naughty name and then it quickly became an I can top that? Beaver? Intercourse?


  2. There is a small town in Beaver County called Big Beaver that had a restaurant named Sadie’s Big Beaver. There was also the requisite billboard advertising the establishment and , you guessed it. It said “Eat at Sadie’s Big Beaver”. I kid you not. I had seen it a few time when I passed through the borough.
    BTW – A gentleman at my rifle club belongs to White Thorn. Not someone that anyone would want to see naked. On the other hand he does have two extremely hot daughters……..


  3. Cathy – In the suburbs of Philadelphia, there is a school which was called Beaver College. At the time, it was an all-female university, so they were the brunt of jokes for years.

    Gary – Sharon Stone is from Intercourse. Considering her films, that is the perfect place for her.

    Tam – See, I would absolutely eat there, because with a name like that, the food has to be good.

    TXNick – Booooo!


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