The Uniparty Screws Us Again

House Republicans reversed the 2011 ban on earmarks today, in an effort to get more wasteful pork into their bills. This will increase an already ridiculous deficit that literally no one in D.C. wants to address. There. Is. No. Difference. Between. The. Parties.

House Republicans voted to allow their members to request dedicated-spending projects, known as earmarks, following that same move by Democrats, in a positive sign for President Joe Biden’s hopes for a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

The House GOP caucus on Wednesday voted by secret ballot to approve earmarks, according to people familiar with the matter.

Yes, those brave Republicans concealed their votes because they are so principled. These men and women – heroes, actually – don’t want you to know how they voted, so you cannot call them out after the fact.

Senate Republicans still have to decide on whether to participate in earmarking, which both parties banned in 2011 after years of their association with wasteful projects and with corruption. Advocates say new transparency rules will help address those issues, and encourage the kind of deal-making essential to bipartisan agreements.

That’s bullsh*t. The only thing earmarks will produce is even more corruption and more wasteful spending. And you better believe Mitch McConnell will vote for this, because he’s all about lining his own pockets.

If America still had free and fair elections – it doesn’t – I would vote against every single GOP incumbent. These people are not working for my interests, so they won’t get my vote.

5 thoughts on “The Uniparty Screws Us Again

  1. I suspect my voting is going to change with each election. There will probably be instances where I leave the ballot blank rather than vote for either party running for that office. Where are the true conservatives hiding these days?


  2. They never stopped earmarks, they just haven’t done a budget in so long and earmarks are called something else in ‘continuing spending resolutions’, this just means they might actually have a budget.

    Probably not, so this is most like a just in case deal.


  3. Veeshir – Every day they find a way for me to never vote for incumbents again.

    DU – It’s definitely the majority now, and they aren’t going back to being conservatives any time soon.


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