Speaking Of Sh*t Holes…

While the city of Philadelphia has already crossed the 100 mark for homicides, the fine, upright citizens of this town enjoy variety. Sure, they shoot people all the time, but the also stab people, run people down with their vehicles, on, and throw Molotov cocktails into day care centers.

Philadelphia police have arrested a man who allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail at a day care center Tuesday morning. The incident happened in the 2700 block of Germantown Avenue just after 9 a.m..

The device broke the window of the day care, but the fire did not reach the inside of the building. According to police, no children were inside the facility at the time.

There were no children in the location at the time, but this a-hole didn’t know that. This is what Philadelphia has become; a desolate wasteland consumed with violence.

6 thoughts on “Speaking Of Sh*t Holes…

  1. Jeff – I’d argue if I could. I’m lucky enough to live in one of the decent neighborhoods in the city – far away from the dregs of humanity.


  2. Wyatt, your city’s Q1 total is going to leave Philly short of 500. Does it pick up in the summertime? Is winter and early spring your slow period for the dregs killing each other?


    1. We’ll get over 500. We had six people shot in one incident Saturday. One died. Summer is crazy here, and since they know our Soros DA won’t prosecute these thugs, the shootings will continue.

      They aren’t afraid of the cops and aren’t afraid of the prosecutors.


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