To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

I haven’t slept in two days. Actually, that’s not entirely correct; I have slept a total of four hours in two days. Four hours on Tuesday and zero hours last night. The first night was mostly due to my shoulder, which is deteriorating more every day. Last night, I took a melatonin, and that did… nothing.

I don’t know what the problem is, but I have been lying in bed for two days unable to sleep. I called out sick Wednesday, because there was no way I was going to be productive, but I had to come in today because six of our nine detectives had court cases. So here I am, living off 5-Hour Energy and caffeine.

We were supposed to have two detectives on the floor and myself. Then one of the jackasses called out sick, knowing full well we were short. So today will be a joy, with two of us in the building.

I truly hate this place anymore. 1,324 days.

12 thoughts on “To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

  1. Consider taking a couple of diphenhydramine just before bedtime. It’s sold as allergy relief, but it’s the second component of “Tylenol PM”. One of those “Caution, may cause drowsiness” things. Basically Benadryl. Along with the melatonin. I take both every night. In fact, most melatonin is sold in 5mg. doses. I take one 10 mg. capsule a night. So, if you’re taking five, consider doubling up. Sleep tight!
    (BTW, I was a doctor in a play once, which more than qualifies me to dispense medical advice.)


  2. Mike AKA Proof – Kevin took my temperature. Its 102.2. No sign of cellulitis but I think the two sleepless days are the cause. I bought Benadryl and NyQuil – the sleep aid. I have to sleep tonight or else I’ll lose my mind.


  3. A few nights ago I managed to get a half hour of sleep. Jobs can be stressful. But not as stressful as my first divorce. Three weeks without sleep. That is my record of insomnia.


  4. Not to brag but the constant ringing in my ears has basically turned all my sleeping into light dozing with every toss and turn meaning I am awake again until I doze. I get up to go to the bathroom I’m wide awake, hear a noise or creak in the 100-year-old house I’m awake….it’s only been 21 years. Will pay good money for someone to splash the MIG on my six that has the missile lock tone on me.

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    1. Gary, I hear you on that one… and I hear the same thing. For me it has been just under 50 years. Along with the Tinnitus, I have hyper acusis in my right ear, so I get the pleasure of having my hyper hearing on all the time and sharp noise is seriously painful. I usually sleep 3-5hrs a night. I do the benadryl thing and now I’m hopelessly addicted, because if I don’t take it, I wake up about 1am after going to bed at 10. I’ve tried everything known to man I think. There are a few prescription meds that make me sleepy that I have taken for chronic nerve pain – gabapentin, lyrica, and probably others. I would rather skip the meds and have a shot of something tasty every night. If I could afford it, it would be some smooth 18 year old scotch, but there are others.

      Wyatt, hang in there, you’ll get the shoulder thing fixed eventually. I would think your wife on the case would cause the insurance company to give in, they don’t like persistent women most of the time.


  5. Gary – That can’t be fun. I think mine is from the shoulder. If I roll over the pain shoots through the arm.

    Mike AKA Proof – I use is sparingly, but the Zquil worked last night. I got about four hours but it was better than nothing.


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