The New Captain America Is Fabulous!

The new iteration of Captain America is the exact opposite of the original character. Instead of a strong, man’s man, the new Captain is gay, and instead of fighting Hydra, he will be fighting those who oppress the LBGTQ community. Wow, shut up and take my money!

Marvel Comics is preparing to introduce a nose ring-wearing, gay Captain America for the character’s 80th anniversary. The new Cap will also be an LBGTQ activist.

I’m actually all for this. The sooner Marvel dies, the better.

Captain America — which first hit the newsstands in March of 1941 — is getting a makeover. Marvel will feature a new Captain America named Aaron Foster, a young gay man who the publisher says “stands for the oppressed and the forgotten.”

“Aaron is inspired by heroes of the queer community: activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life,” backup writer Joshua Trujillo explained is a statement. “He stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten. I hope his debut story resonates with readers and helps inspire the next generation of heroes.”

Except the story won’t do any of that. Most leftists – especially members of the LGBTQ community – do not purchase comic books. Sure, they’ll applaud this decision on Twitter, but stunts like these are never successful. Worse still, it will turn off actual comic book fans, who will spend their money on other less-woke comics.

The damage done to Marvel after Stan Lee’s death has been catastrophic, as woke leftist writers have been doing their level best to ruin Lee’s iconic characters.

Oh, by the way, take a look at the new Captain at the link. It’s as terrible as you’d imagine.

16 thoughts on “The New Captain America Is Fabulous!

  1. I am for LGTBQRSTUV rights as much as the next guy, but didn’t the original Captain America fight for the oppressed and downtrodden? Why do they have to ruin everything. I am with you, hopefully a bunch of elitists lose a bunch of money on this crap.


  2. Ingineer – They aren’t catering to comic book fans. They are catering to the woke mob which spends its entire day on Twitter. These. People. Don’t. Buy. Comic. Books!

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  3. Not going to click the link the Rob Liefield version of Cap was just damn awful. Not many know this but Cap once was a Dem. but that was back in the FDR days today he would most likely be independent or Libertarian. This follows the non-binary heroes they introduced and who just as quickly vanished. And to think we made jokes when Ben A. did Daredevil…was excited then saw the bondage style costume…the only good thing in that movie was Ms. Garner as Electra.


  4. Marvel used to have a series called What If… & then would post the question (I remember the what if Phoenix hadn’t died? vividly) and then the rest of the comic would show the answer. Usually the point was to show why the original story line was the correct one. They should bring that series back to see if the woke ideas even work.

    Oh, & my favorite one was the comic that turned everything sideways & made all the characters funny. At the end, it asked what if/will Stan Lee say when he sees this? “You’re fired, ’nuff said”.


  5. Gary – I saw maybe five minutes of that, but it had Garner in it. Worth it.

    MelP – My favorite superheroes, in no particular order, are Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America. The new Spiderman movies are mostly awful – although Michael Keaton’s Vulture is amazing – Wolverine was killed off, as was Iron Man, and Captain America is now gay.

    The left wants to ruin everything, and they are succeeding.


      1. His take on The Vulture was the second best of all the Spidey villains. (Alfred Molina nailed Doctor Octopus.)

        A pity the rest of the flick was full of miscast Silly Juvenile Whiner miscasts.


          1. TXNick – In our house Molina is the only Doc Ock.

            Mike AKA Proof – Didn’t see the entire film, but Keaton’s scenes were amazing.


          2. “Didn’t see the entire film, but Keaton’s scenes were amazing.”
            If you knew NOTHING of the origins of Spider Man, the reboot might be tolerable. In this version, Tony Stark supplies him with a tricked out Spidey suit, with all kinds of gizmos that Parker doesn’t take the time to learn. If you’ve seen The Greatest American Hero, it’s all been done before.

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  6. I can just see the epic fight between Cap and The Red Skull being filmed today:

    Cap: “I’ll get you, Red Skull. You won’t defeat me!”
    RS: “Come on, Prissy. I’ll smudge your makeup.”

    Cap: “How dare you!” {Slaps Red Skull}
    Cap: “OOOH! I broke a nail!”


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