Dementia Patient Falls Up Stairs

The Illegitimate President embarrassed himself again Friday, when he fell down not once, not twice, but thrice while trying to board Air Force One.

As he boarded Air Force One on Friday for a trip to Atlanta, President Joe Biden stumbled repeatedly and fell up the stairs.

The president can be seen holding the railing, but doesn’t seem to be in control of his feet as he stumbles and is then unable to recover his balance.

In response to Biden’s stumbles and falls, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre appeared to blame the wind. (H/TAOSHQ)

We, as a nation, are blessed to have such an amazing president* who is always on the ball and is totally not suffering from dementia. Well done, voters. Truly well done.

You can see the video of this dolt below the fold…

While we’re at it, AOSHQ posted this Friday, and it is absolutely high-larious!

5 thoughts on “Dementia Patient Falls Up Stairs

  1. Any bets that a sudden fall will be the reason that he either dies in office or gets so hurt resigns. Best to let Harris always go first so there is no “sudden” shove going down steps.


  2. His stumbling just contributes to getting him out and putting Kamala in charge. (which I find even worse) It’s all part of the dems plan to make conservatives obsolete.


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