Bury Your Dead

The entire family has been sick for about a week now, and I am averaging four hours sleep a night. So I’m taking the day off, as my headache is killing me and I really need some rest.

We should be good tomorrrow. Hopefully.

7 thoughts on “Bury Your Dead

  1. Hang in there. You guys will all be up and around soon. Here’s to getting approval to having your shoulder fixed soon.


  2. Erik was exposed March 8, you’ve been sick with a headache, fever abs fatigue since March 19th, and the whole family is sick? Sounds you should all get tested!

    On the bright side, a positive would mean a bit of vacation from the Idiot Dept!


  3. Sully – Thanks.

    RG – I’m expecting the surgery will never happen. They’re still dragging their feet.

    Jenn – I really hope not, but it’s good advice.


  4. Take care of yourself. We, your snarky fans will still be here, saving up our b!tchy comments when you come back.


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