Florida’s Most Popular Couple

Meet Grant Mulder and Lauren Baugh of Largo, Flori-Duh. Grant and Lauren were having a delightful time at a park when they decided they wanted to pleasure themselves in the populated park. Things did not go well.

According to police, Grant Mulder, 48, and Lauren Baugh, 41, were spotted Saturday afternoon around 1:45 PM trysting in Largo Central Park in Largo, a city in the Tampa Bay area. The couple, cops say, were spotted near a veterans memorial inside the 70-acre park.

As detailed in one arrest affidavit, a Largo Police Department officer witnessed Baugh “lying on her back with her legs spread apart and her vulva exposed as her boyfriend and co-defendant performed cunnilingus on her.”

Mulder and Baugh, the patrolman reported, were visible to park patrons as well as pedestrians and motorists passing by on a “highly trafficked roadway” adjacent to the park. The affidavits state that there was an “indication of alcohol influence” with regard to both defendants.

So. Much. Class. Lauren isn’t terrible, but Beardsley McStrawhat looks like a homeless person.

4 thoughts on “Florida’s Most Popular Couple

  1. Ronni – I love how they were doing it right next to the busy street.

    Oh, I was absent today because I was in the hospital getting a Covid test. I’ll have a story up tomorrow.


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