Jenn Is A Canadian Angel

About a week ago, I mentioned I was really sick, and while I was hoping it wasn’t Covid, Jenn suggested I get tested. I went to a self-test at a local CVS, and after I used the swab I wasn’t sure I did it right. They said the results would come Thursday or Friday.

I was getting antsy yesterday, and when my stress levels hit the roof, I went to Holy Redeemer Hospital. Wow, were they amazing! They got me in immediately, had me walk around with a pulse ox, and monitored my oxygen. They put me into a small room, and the doctor started taking blood, gave me an IV for fluids, gave me an inhaler which really opened up my lungs, and took a chest x-ray.

The x-ray came back okay, the IV definitely helped, and the doctor said I should be good to go in a week or so.

It is not an exaggeration to say I thought I was dying. Holy Redeemer was terrific – as usual – but Jenn’s advice may have saved my life. Thanks Jenn; you’re the greatest.

9 thoughts on “Jenn Is A Canadian Angel

  1. I am always right, and you must now listen to me for eternity. Muahahaha… 😁

    So do you have the ‘rona or is it a man-cold? I hope you continue to improve, we need your snark around here.


  2. RG – Still exhausted, but I’m getting there.

    Ronni – I don’t wish this on anyone. Seriously thought I was going to die.

    Jenn – Tested positive yesterday. Good news is doc said i was eight days into it so I may be back to normal by next week.


  3. Crap, this is NOT good news. I hope the rest of the family is at least on the onramp to the recovery road. I’ll pray for all of you.


    1. You guys are all awesome.

      There’s some evidence to support vitamin D in preventing more severe cases, probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to start taking it.


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