New York City Is Effectively Dead

The despicable garbage city of New York has decided to eliminate qualified immunity for its police officers, which would mean police officers can arrested and fired if they make a mistake – no matter how small – while performing their duties. This will be the end of policing in New York, and you will see a mass exodus from the department.

The New York City Council moved to end qualified immunity for police officers Thursday, making it the first big city in the nation to do so.

The legal doctrine has for decades protected officers from lawsuits alleging misconduct against those they’re arresting, unless the officer had violated a clearly established constitutional right.

Qualified immunity first came under scrutiny during the racial injustice and police brutality protests that roiled the nation in the light of George Floyd’s death.

Of course, this revolves around Saint George Floyd. He was truly a gentleman and a scholar.

The city council said in a statement the bill would protect New Yorkers against unreasonable search and seizures and against excessive force, in addition to banning qualified immunity. The Big Apple joins two states, Colorado and Connecticut, in curbing the immunity defense.

While I feel for those who live in NYC, I sincerely hope enough people wake up to what’s going on there. de Blasio despises the police and its citizens, and I would like nothing better than to watch NYC’s doom.

6 thoughts on “New York City Is Effectively Dead

  1. Can we just start calling DeBlahBlah “the Duke” & get it over with? Build a damn wall around that city, create no go zones & let them fend for themselves.

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  2. If they’d get rid of it for prosecutors who lie, hide evidence and just generally railroad people they might do some good in the world, but to do it for cops is just evil.
    Especially since you know the city is rooting for criminals.


  3. Melp is half right…build a wall around it, seal the tunnels and put anti-aircraft guns around it to keep people out and from dropping supplies and put camera’s up and make the city pay-per-view so we can watch when all those “nice” people who didn’t do nothin show there true colors. No one gets out now even any celebrities who live there…let them reap what they have sown. Then make sure other cities that want to do the same thing have what happens broadcast to the people of those cities with the tag Comming soon to your city. Wonder just how fast things would change. And as the wall is going up everyone who leaves before it’s finished has to get a tracker like they put in animals so that way when they get to their new home they can get scanned and then told where they can live so they don’t infest the whole state and then tell them they can’t vote in any state or local election for 10 years


  4. I live in the west, so don’t really have a feel for all the crap that goes on in the big cities of the east. I have never been to NYC, though I looked over once from the Newark airport. I don’t do well around large crowds, as in hundreds of thousands. The town I live in in Colorado is too big for me now, but some of my grandkids live here, so I’m stuck. I’d rather live in rural Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, or Idaho, but that won’t be happening soon. All that said only to point out that I wouldn’t be caught anywhere close to any of that garbage they call a Big Apple with all that I Heart NY bullshit. I feel terrible knowing that the good cops of NYC are going to be shit on like never before. I feel terrible knowing there are going to be some solid conservative people trapped there. For the most part, I feel nothing for all the rest, who continue to vote for this lunacy. NYC isn’t the only thing doomed. I see the entire country as doomed and I’m glad I don’t have to live through another 70 years watching the former U.S.A. go down the shitter. I’m with Gary above that NOBODY should be allowed to vote in any state or local elections for at least 10 years after they move to a “nice” place.


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