Seven Shot In Fishtown Neighborhood

Saturday was another banner night for shootings in Philadelphia, where seven people were shot in the Fishtown section of the city. This is another part of the city where the idiot politicians think a few new stores and some condos will change a drug-infested area.

Philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in the city’s Fishtown section that left seven people wounded.

The shooting happened Friday around 8 p.m. on the 1000 block of North Delaware Avenue. Police say surveillance video shows a suspect opening fire at a group of people standing on the street.

Officials say four of the seven victims are currently listed in critical condition at various hospitals. The other three victims are currently listed in stable condition.

Police say the victims range from age seventeen to forty two.

We’re already at 114 homicides, and it’s not even April yet. No one cares about the murders in this city, because the politicians live far away from the worst, most violent sections of the city. Pathetic.

4 thoughts on “Seven Shot In Fishtown Neighborhood

  1. I take my comment from a previous post back. Philly’s definitely going to make it to 500 again.

    More’s the pity.


  2. So glad the last time I was in Philly I was around 19-20. I would much rather remember the city the way it was then rather than what it has morphed into today. It makes it doubly hard to see when you know how important the city was in our country’s history.


  3. Cathy – They’re ghouls. 117 homicides as of yesterday, and no one cares.

    Mitchell – I think so, too. Why not shoot people when you know you won’t be prosecuted?

    Ronni – The city has so much to offer, but nearly 75 years of Democrat rule destroyed that. Elfreth’s Alley is the oldest street in America, and these idiots surrounded it with high rises. Its a crime.


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