My Family Is Cursed

Yesterday the nurse came to the house to check up on my vitals and everything else Chinese Wuhan Virus. It took about an hour, and the nurse seemed to think I was in decent shape. The only thing I disagreed with was when she said she wanted me to quarantine for two weeks. The city will never let that happen, but I’ll do my best.

A few hours later, Mrs. Earp was suffering from a hacking cough. She’s had it for a few days and she asked me if she should go to the hospital. Obviously, I said yes, even though she dismissed it. Kyle drove her to Holy Redeemer, and came back afterward. There are no visitors allowed inside.

At 9pm, Mrs. Earp sent me a text saying she tested positive for Covid, had an EKG, a cat scan, and oh… pneumonia. I’m glad she poo-poo’d the hospital trip. I called my mother-in-law and she was obviously distraught. Neither of us are up the the challenge of parenting with this Chinese Virus, and I have no idea when she’s coming home.

I hate this virus, I hate the Chinese who purposely released this upon the world.

This is my only post of the day With everything going on, I don’t have time to blog for a while.

16 thoughts on “My Family Is Cursed

  1. Prayers for you and your wife. Don’t know your demographics, but I have reached 50 people I personally know in my relatively small city that are under 60 and have gotten sick. Most were pretty sick for 10-14 days, and the affects can linger. None died in that demo, but take this seriously. The few I know who passed were 80 plus, including my mom who had severe COPD and was not going to get through 2020 regardless.


  2. That really sucks, I hope she – and everybody else – feels better soon. Covid is no joke, but it sounds like she’s getting excellent treatment. Good time to get the kids running the house!

    I’d send you good parenting vibes from here but I’ll all out. Paw Patrol is running the show today.


  3. MelP – I’m only concerned about Mrs. Earp. She runs things here, and when she’s not well, it’s a nightmare.

    Rudy – Thank you. There better be some immunity after all this.

    Ronni – Thanks. It’s been an awful ten days.

    Ron – I’m 51. Mrs. Earp is 49. The city claimed they’d get us vaccines in January or February. They dropped the ball and many cops caught the Covid. So much for promises.

    Jenn – I’m doing okay. Climbing steps leaves me winded, but I’m getting there.


  4. I hope only the best for your wife and the family. You both are still young enough and all will be well. Stay strong and Mrs. Earp just needs you to play your part while she gets well. I will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.


  5. Wyatt, you are both in my prayers, as are all your children and your extended family. Not that it will help your situation, but while I may pray for you and yours, I curse the wretched Chinese commies who did this to everyone, as you said… on purpose. May 1000 Wuhan bats shit all over every member of the CCP (and worse.)

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  6. Well, on the bright side, your kids being stuck taking care of both of you may just help them to be sure to NEVER make you grandparents


  7. Sent a special request to The Man upstairs for you and Mrs. Earp’s rapid recoveries. Stay positive, you can beat this.


  8. I saw at the “other site” that you were ill. Now I find out that the family is cursed. The world will go on falling apart without you for a while. Spend the time necessary to get all the way better. The times like you are going through now help remind you of what is really important. Best wishes to you and your family.


  9. Mike47 – Thank you.

    MelP – Entirely possible.

    TXNick – Put all your prayers toward her. Whatever happens to me happens, but she runs things here. We need her safe.

    Mis. Him. – Thank you.

    Pawn – Thanks. We’re not cursed, it just feels that way. I just thing The Lord is testing me, and I’m trying to keep the faith.


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