Something Smells

Good news, Joe Biden. Old Man Stink is actually a thing, and lord knows you stink to high heaven. As people get older a chemical makes your body seem a little ripe. See also: Hillary Clinton.

Does “old person smell” actually exist? Many use the unflattering term to describe the elderly – but apparently, the scent actually has a scientific explanation.

A study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found the change in smell can be because of a chemical compound called 2-nonenal. It’s caused by omega-7 fatty acids breaking down on the skin due to oxidisation. And apparently, the body produces more of these fatty acids as it ages.

As anti-oxidant defences begin to deteriorate at the age of 40, more 2-nonenal is present on the skin, which may have an impact on body odour.

Luckily for me, I smell like fresh cut flowers on even my worst day.

7 thoughts on “Something Smells

  1. Would that flower be the Titan arum, corpse flower you smell like? Just asking for a friend. One more reason to be hesitant about dating at my age.


  2. What about those of us who produce smells just to keep those we can’t stand away from us…or use them to make someone who looked reasonable or likable but then opened their mouth and starts expounding on the virtues of being Vegan or the virtues of the Democrats?


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