Biden Approves School For Migrants

The Biden administration is defending in-person classes to illegal students in San Diego, while legal San Diego children are forced to stay home and learn online. It’s almost as if the illegals have more rights that legal Americans.

It was reported on Monday that children who were being housed by Border Control would be given access to in-person learning. This despite the fact that San Diego students have not had access to in-person learning in over a year.

When asked about this seeming discrepancy by Fox News’ Kristin Fisher, Psaki said that “As I understand it San Diego public schools are opening in early April?”

“So I guess the question is,” Fisher continued, “does the White House think this sends the right message to these 133,000 kids in San Diego and their parents who have been stuck at home for the last year?”

It’s hilarious that the Illegitimate President thinks this is acceptable. But honestly, Democrats have always cared more about illegal immigrants than they have for actual Americans.

5 thoughts on “Biden Approves School For Migrants

  1. It’s all about the dems having total control of the government and the people. It’s about time these liberal havens came to their senses.


  2. Y’know what cracks me up? The left doesn’t understand that eventually, the same people they’re coddling will turn on them & leave them in the ash heap of history.

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  3. Ronni – It’s about creating lifelong Democrats at the expense of children who are trying to learn.

    MelP – They never realize that, but it usually comes true.


  4. If this stuff doesn’t stop soon…. some of us will go to Mexico and swim back across the Rio Grande, claim to be illegal, and start getting all that free stuff for which the government robs us to give away.


  5. TXNick – I said that at APSHQ a few days ago. Let’s give the illegals America, and we take over Mexico. I’m serious. I guarantee we can make it a paradise in ten years.

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