Katelyn Light Isn’t Bright

   Meet Katelyn Light of Altoona, PA. Katelyn allegedly walked into a residence, claimed she was a police officer, pretended to flash a badge, and demanded all the residents flee the building. 

It was Sunday, at just about 7:30 p.m. when 29-year-old Katelyn Light walked up to a woman sitting on her porch on the 100 block of E. First Street, held up her bare hand as if she was flashing a badge and declared she was a police officer, according to the charges filed by Altoona police. 

Light told the woman there were about 18 children she had to get out of the basement of the neighbor’s house and while the woman watched from her porch, Light tried to get into the adjacent home’s basement windows. 

Police said other witnesses who saw Light said she appeared as if she was under the influence of something and when cops caught up to her at the intersection of Lloyd Street and E. First Avenue, she was arrested and taken to the Altoona Police Department. 

Police said Light talked really fast and was unable to stay focused and on her, officers found two syringes, three empty wax packets and two small plastic bags.  She told cops she didn’t use the needles for medical reasons but rather used them to inject drugs.

Damned shame. She looked like she could have been an amazing police officer. /eyeroll

6 thoughts on “Katelyn Light Isn’t Bright

  1. Heroin and meth, whodathunk that would make you crazy?
    The ad under the post, something about a hack for blood sugar, has a spoon loaded with crystals, Apropos considering the subject matter.


  2. Veeshir – It’s as if Darwin is screaming to her!

    Mis. Hum. – If nothing else, at least his getaway driver.

    Doc – I’d say four was low balling it.


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