Thanks For Nothing, WordPress

While WordPress has been a decent platform for most of my blogging career, lately, they have made changes literally no one wants. Every few months they tweak something which never needed tweaking. Their original system had you either post normally, or post using HTML codes. I liked the HTML, because it was easier to post photos, copy links, etc.

Now, then entire platform has turned to crap. It’s very difficult to post in HTML now, and they made blogging very complicated. I hate this new structure, and posting photos is increasingly difficult. Why would you want to anger your publishers?

I don’t know what I’m going to do from here on out. Blogger is awful, and there aren’t any really good platforms worth using. At this point, I may just jettison photos and just write. WordPress ruined their entire system, and they did so for nothing.

11 thoughts on “Thanks For Nothing, WordPress

  1. Remember how everyone taunted the idiot leftist lemming-like reporters with “Learn to Code?”

    Maybe those formerly employed as reporters did learn to code, and wordpress hired them?


  2. Ronni – I just don’t understand why they cannot make the new “features” optional. This new system is awful. It looks exactly the same to you guys, but the posting part is completely rearranged.

    RD – Entirely possible. They do this every six months or so. It’s frustrating.


  3. Rearranging everything and doing no improvements… that sounds like Microsoft. And that frustrating POS is why I went to a Macbook. (It only took one word and one number to make me switch: Windows 10.)


  4. Gary – If this works, you’ll get a lifetime free subscription! If there was such a thing.

    TXNick – I get they want to be hip with new styles, but people like me who have used the same platform since the mid-2000s are really comfortable with the old system.


    1. I was comfortable with DOS 6.1 (I’m an old DOS-dinosaur. A DOS-a-suar, if you will.) I make one of those write its own code over a weekend. Merged two very large database files, and then it wrote the code to reload into a control system.

      Can’t do that today. 😦


    2. I just happened to be on the right blog at the right time… that’s my superpower I just happen on the right thing for someone because I am a sad lonely man with the internet as my best friend…if I suddenly die not only delete my browser history wipe the drive with a super magnet just to be


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