So Much For The Hilarity

The Illegitimate President’s illegitimate administration has decided they will not allow Slow Joe to throw out the first pitch during the Washington National’s season opener. Imagine all the laughs we could have had seeing this senile fool throwing a baseball at the mascot.

Chelsea Janes, national baseball reporter for the Washington Post, first reported the news.

“President Biden will not be throwing out the first pitch at Opening Day at Nationals Park Thursday,” Janes wrote on Twitter. “When asked, Nats confirmed he will not throw out the first pitch, but a spokeswoman said ‘We look forward to welcoming President Biden to Nationals Park in the future.’”

Yeah, he can wander around the stadium asking people if they would like their hair sniffed.

8 thoughts on “So Much For The Hilarity

  1. Tripping up the stairs was hilarious. Throwing the first pitch funnies would have destroyed him. He would definitely get lost in the stadium with the secret service letting him off his leash on purpose.

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    1. Did you see the video that Don Jr posted of the real president hitting a golf ball & the ball hitting Joe on the back of the head just before he tripped?


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