Would You Like Sauerkraut With That?

The Phoenix Police Department recovered a ridiculous amount of methamphetamine and fentanyl this week, and for some reason the drugs were covered in mustard.

Phoenix PD say they recovered 11 pounds of meth, 53,000 M30 fentanyl pills, and $11,758 during an investigation Monday.

Police say while robbery detectives were investigating a home invasion at a house near 35th Avenue and Indian School Road. That’s when officers recovered the pills, the money and the mustard-covered meth.

No other details were released and no information regarding arrests has been made available yet.

The bad mews is all that mustard was waster. The good news is the people who were in possession of the narcotics will likely be murdered before week’s end.

3 thoughts on “Would You Like Sauerkraut With That?

  1. Mike AKA Proof – If Beverly Hills Cop taught me nothing, you always cover it with coffee grounds.

    MelP – That’s an early night for him.


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