Trust Her, She’s A “Doctor”

“Doctor” Jill Biden made remarks in California Wednesday during the birthday of farmer’s rights advocate Cesar Chavez. Biden, being a dolt, decided to break out some Spanish lingo, and instead of stating, “Si se puede,” she apparently said the all-familiar “Si se pwad-way.”

Eh, close enough for a “doctor,” I guess.

First lady Jill Biden gave a speech commemorating the birthday of farmworker civil rights advocate César Chávez but she faced ridicule and mockery for butchering the Spanish slogan he made famous.

The first lady spoke to farmworkers in Delano, California, with Gov. Gavin Newsom at her side on Wednesday and the United Farm Workers flag behind her.

“Cesar Chávez understood that no matter the obstacles, when people come together united in a cause, anything is possible. Yes we can. Si se puede!” Biden said during the speech. “Si se puede” was popularized by Chávez and translates to “Yes we can.”

Yes, because nothing is more sincere than pandering to a crowd by uttering – and destroying – the Spanish language.

She tried to close out the speech with another rousing call to the audience but floundered when she botched the pronunciation of the famous slogan.

One wonders if “Doctor” Jill Biden’s terrible gaffe will be in the news for weeks, like when President Trump made a gaffe? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

5 thoughts on “Trust Her, She’s A “Doctor”

  1. DU – Probably already done.

    Cathy – She’s supposed to be a Doctor of Education and she cannot pronounce three easy Spanish words. Sad


  2. What did you guys not see the Natzi inspired flag that old Che’ had designed? She had to take the attention away from that.


  3. I can understand why an entitled rich white girl from Connecticut might not be able to pronounce something in Spanish, but didn’t she practice or have coaching before hand? Is it amateur hour at the White House.


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