Mr. Huang Lost His Wang

A 52-year old Taiwan man woke up yo see his penis was severed by a jealous girlfriend. Apparently, the girlfriend made the penis disappear. Yikes.

A JEALOUS girlfriend cut off her lover’s penis and flushed it down the toilet while he slept after suspecting him of cheating. The maimed man, identified by his last name Huang, woke up in incredible pain to find part of his manhood had been severed.

Dad-of-three Huang, 52, was “bleeding extensively” after waking from a deep sleep to the horrific discovery his member had been mutilated.

Huang said he woke up in incredible pain to find a fifth of his penis had been severed, and his girlfriend had allegedly flushed it down the toilet to stop it being reattached.

Gentlemen, if you find yourself in Taiwan, I would sincerely suggest you sleep with a codpiece.

8 thoughts on “Mr. Huang Lost His Wang

  1. Never stick your johnson in crazy, you might not get it back.

    One question, I wake up when a fly lands on me while I’m sleeping, how do you sleep through being dejohnsonified?


  2. Cathy – Maybe things are different in Taiwan? Or maybe some of the women over there are cray-cray.

    Veeshir – No idea. I’m fairly sure I would know if someone was cutting off my Johnson as I slept.


  3. Stepping into the bus for hell with this…Mr Huang is no longer Hung (as I assume his name is pronounced as Hung) all aboard


  4. “An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.”

    What does the Code of Hammurabi say about the loss of a penis when the offender is a woman? I’m guessing Hammurabi didn’t foresee this situation…. 😦


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