Someone’s Been Naked In My Bed

Meet Jovita Vaughn of Killeen, Texas. Jovita was a very sleepy girl after running the streets all night, and she needed a rest. Thankfully a Good Samaritan allowed Jovita to break into his home, completely undress, and sleep on his air mattress.

A woman has been arrested after she allegedly sneaked into a man’s home, stripped naked and jumped into one of his beds.

Jovita Vaughn, 28, also known as Jovita Garza, was booked into the Bell County jail on March 30 on charges of criminal trespassing and harassment of a public servant.

Not going to lie; I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked… before throwing her out the window.

That following morning, he came to apparently discover Jovita doing her best Goldilocks impression. She was found sleeping naked on an air mattress in one of the man’s bedrooms.

Jovita told authorities that she used to live at the residence in 2009, and felt like she had a right to be there.

Yes, and because it’s Texas, the homeowner had a right to shoot her in the face.

6 thoughts on “Someone’s Been Naked In My Bed

  1. How drunk would you have to be to sneak into a stranger’s home and sleep butt naked in one of their beds?! These people seem to have no sense of right or wrong and just don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves. Although I might not feel the same if a man snuck in my house and pulled this stunt. Being a widow has changed my perspective …. no, it hasn’t. I would grab my gun and call the police.


  2. This fine specimen of femininity does nothing for me, but to each his own. Just remember the hot vs crazy matrix and life will be good. I’m pretty sure it works for either gender, though it was designed in regards to women.


  3. MelP = Straight outta University of Texas.

    Cathy – Great minds.

    Ronni – I’d wafer if she didn’t go after the cop, she’s get probation.

    Mike AKA Proof – Seconded!

    RG – Yes, and I’ve seen some women who are off the crazy chart.


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