Andrew Cuomo Is A Brilliant Man

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to distract people from his murders and sexual harassment by announcing a New York City skyscraper the size of the Empire State Building. Yeah, that’ll get people excited to return to NYC. Dolt.

Eyebrows have been raised over a proposal for a huge skyscraper in New York City, called Penn 15 and comparable in size to the Empire State Building.

Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor, hopes to erect Penn 15 as part of a plan to redevelop midtown Manhattan and improve the city’s transport.

So the despicable murderer/sexual harasser wants to erect a building called, effectively, “Penis?

The 1,200ft building would include 27 landscaped terraces, according to the developer, Vornado Realty Trust, and 57 floors of office space.

Vornado describe Penn 15 as a “super-tall tower that will become the new standard for office design”, featuring “a unique side core design to allow for flexible office configurations and terraces on every fourth floor to maximize access to light and air”.

So let’s recap. The city has defunded the police, attacks on Jews and Asians are through the roof, and crime has never been more rampant. But instead of addressing these life and death questions, the state and the city are planning to build a skyscraper?

8 thoughts on “Andrew Cuomo Is A Brilliant Man

  1. Hey now, he is probably going to have to leave office after (or before) his term is up. So, like any good Dem he needs to line his pockets with public money and how better to do that? Kickbacks on a massively useless public construction project! Gotta get that money flowing to his retirement (and shame) account.


    1. Oh, before I forget, with the name he gets to let the city KNOW he is slipping them the D and effing them on his way out!


  2. Ronni – But it’ll make the leftists feel better while he jacks up their taxes.

    Loki – And he couldn’t care less. Cuomo was always in it for the money and the graft.

    Cathy – The Founders never intended politics to be a career because they knew it was rife with corruption. Yet here we are.


  3. Sounds like just what a city needs that has had most of their workforce working remotely at home for the past year. This guy is as stuck in the past as Biden with his train dreams.


  4. Humm a building as big as the Empire State Building named Penn 15 and it’s a distraction…using my best Shrek voice…do you think he may be compensating for something


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