The Biggest Lie You’ll Hear Today

There is no reason to actually post this story, because it’s absolute poppycock, but I at least wanted to put it out there, because the story is so ridiculous on its face.

The U.S. State Department on Tuesday confirmed that it is weighing the possibility of a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, set to be held in Beijing, China.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price, in a press briefing Tuesday afternoon, said that an Olympics boycott “is one of the issues that is on the agenda, both now and going forward. “It is something we certainly wish to discuss, and something that we understand that a coordinated approach would not only be in our interest, but also the interests of our allies and partners.”

But is it in the interests of the Biden Crime Family, Ned? That’s the question.

The push for a boycott stems from China’s alleged human rights abuses, and its treatment of the Uyghurs, an ethnic minority group that China has moved to “re-education” camps.

Yeah, because the illegitimate president is going to stand up against his Dear Leader. Thee same guy who made him and his entire family ridiculously wealthy. Yeah, Joe Biden, Man of Principle. LOL.

While the U.S. government does not appear close to a decision on a potential boycott of the 2022 games, the threat is sure to raise concerns within Comcast’s NBCUniversal, which has the TV rights to the Olympics.

This, to me, would be the best outcome, because Comcast/NBC can die in a fire.

10 thoughts on “The Biggest Lie You’ll Hear Today

  1. Biden doesn’t have the moral conviction to follow through on cancelling the games in China. His actions rarely match his words when it comes to doing the right thing.


  2. Yup, ain’t gonna happen.
    I wonder if any athletes will boycott. My boycott from watching won’t be a big deal, I’ve never watched it much as it is.
    I did read that US athletes, picked to represent the US at the Olympics, have permission to kneel for the National Anthem of the US while in a murderous, genocidal, slave-owning, commie dictatorship.
    That’s just about perfect for the deeply stupid time in which we live.
    Especially since they won’t kneel for the Chinese national anthem.


  3. Veeshir – I always thought the Summer Olympics sucked. I watch the Winter Olympics for hockey and rare sports like biathlon. Summer? Couldn’t care less.

    The kneeling doesn’t surprise me. Those scumbag female soccer players ruined that for the country, and I’m sure none of them will mention the concentration camps.


  4. Normally I wouldn’t care about summer, winter, or any Olympics, much less any sport. One of my good friends who is also my physical therapist has a daughter who is ranked #1 in the country in several long distance running events. I’d hate to see her get hosed over politics. That said, it still would not break my heart. They should have an Olympics involving dueling between world leaders. We would cut down on a lot of useless wars.


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