Redheads, Am I Right?

Meet Elizabeth Grace Johnson of Louisiana. This beautiful woman loves her boyfriend, so much so that she decided to help him lose weight, by “allegedly” stabbing him multiple times. Yikes!

An 18-year-old Southeastern Louisiana University student is reportedly accused of stabbing her date in her dorm room, an alleged attack so vicious, the victim’s “blood, and then some” had to be put back in his body, his mom said.

Elizabeth Grace Johnson was busted by university cops in Hammond after they responded Saturday night to a call about a disturbance on the third floor of Louisiana Hall.

I mean, what kind of person skips slapping, scratching, etc., and goes right to the knife?

The officers discovered her date — Louisiana State University student Draven Upchurch — with multiple stab wounds, citing a report from Police Chief Michael Beckner.

Johnson and Upchurch, who were described as “dating partners,” were both taken to North Oaks Medical before the woman was taken into custody and charged with aggravated battery.

Hopefully, Louisiana’s version of “aggravated battery” is synonymous with “attempted murder.” And yeah, I’d definitely hit that… as long as she was handcuffed and nowhere near the kitchen.

12 thoughts on “Redheads, Am I Right?

  1. Everybody knows knows not to stick junior in crazy, but we still do it.
    Crazy is so much fun, until your car is wrecked and dog boiled.


  2. Maybe two or four pairs of handcuffs, a straightjacket, and some Prozac in her…

    Nah. Then she’d expect the royal treatment every night.


  3. A friend of mine (who was a redhead) told us once that a true Redhead will kill you one of 2 ways 1. they will mess with your mind until you die. 2. they will screw you to death and both ways leave a smile that the undertaker can’t remove….now we have to add rule 3. they will flat out go crazy and cut you like a bitch.

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  4. Jenn – I’m full of them. Sometimes, they’re even good ideas.

    RG – Maybe I can let Diego date her…

    Cathy – I do that with all my girlfriends. They don’t appreciate my sarcasm.

    Veeshir – You take the good with the bad.

    TXNick – I’ll need a few naps in between.

    Doc – Good advice for anyone.

    Gary – I’d like to choose option two.


  5. Mike AKA Proof – First redhead I met was at on a camping trip with my family and their friends. Her nickname was Peaches and I kissed her on a wooden bridge. Very very pretty girl.

    Rudy – Kyle said when he went to the LSU football game last year, every girl at LSU looked exactly the same. Tall, skinny, blonde, and pretty.


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