And I Thought My City Was Dirty

Photo by Fred Keeling
So, get this. A British man was obviously annoyed at his neighbors, so instead of talking over a pint, or punching them in the face, the man decided to advertise the neighborhood as a makeshift garbage dump.

This may come as a shock to you, but the neighbors are ready to throw the man into the Tower of London. Or off it.

NEIGHBOURS have been left furious at a 6ft mountain of rubbish outside their homes after a son allegedly advertised his cottage garden as a TIP (dumping site).

Tonnes of waste was left strewn on a doorstep and then burnt in towering fires in leafy Upminster. A sofa, bed, fridge, digger tyre and mounds of building waste cover the front garden next to a bustling road – where cars whizz by at 40mph.

Fed up locals have called cops, firefighters and local council officials – but the piles of waste remain outside the 120-year-old countryside cottage. At points the refuse towers 6ft tall and spilled out onto a busy road, and neighbours say “huge” fires are lit once a fortnight to burn the waste.

Locals claim flatbed trucks loaded with waste were turning up more than twice a day to dump the rubbish and it has been going on for nearly EIGHT WEEKS.

I understand how word would get around that the neighborhood was a dumping ground, but when you pull up and see the nice homes, how the f**k do you still think, “Yeah, this looks exactly like a garbage dump?” Seriously Britain, be better.

5 thoughts on “And I Thought My City Was Dirty

  1. Isn’t Britain all up in arms over global warming? The neighbors need to wait until crazy Charles takes over the throne, the turn him in for the fires contributing to GW.


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