Nope, Nope, And More Nope

A giant monitor lizard decided to take a load off by entering a 7-11 store and climbing on the shelves.

A giant monitor lizard measuring about six feet long walked into a 7-11 convenience store in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, and proceeded to the drink cooler. Apparently not finding anything of liking, the determined reptile then turned to a shelf filled with all sorts of snacks and began climbing to the top.

The lizard, who emerged from a nearby canal, appeared to be trying to get closer to either the warmth of the lightbulb or perhaps to cool down next to the air conditioner.

Wonder what a six-foot long monitor lizard asks for at the 7-11? A Slurpee, a Big Bite, or human flesh?

6 thoughts on “Nope, Nope, And More Nope

  1. Isn’t Britain all up in arms over global warming? The neighbors need to wait until crazy Charles takes over the throne, the turn him in for the fires contributing to GW.


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