A Health Update

Well, it seems Mrs. Earp and I are over the Chinese Wuhan Virus. She’s worse off than I am, since she’s still recovering from pneumonia, but for the most part everything is getting back to normal.

Mrs. Earp started short walks yesterday and it wasn’t easy. I have been cycling about five miles a day every day for a week now. I’m nowhere near my peak conditioning, and I’m exhausted after five miles, when I was breezing through ten miles in the summer. I understand it’s a process, and the fact I lost nearly twenty pounds is a blessing and a curse. It’s nice to be skinnier, but losing the endurance stinks.

I’m scheduled to go back to work Tuesday morning, where I am sure there will be a six-foot pile of work waiting for me, and the new computer system for entering jobs debuted while I was sick. So the first week or two should be a cluster.

Oh, the shoulder surgeon effectively started ignoring me. They told me on March 8th that if the insurance didn’t clear the surgeon I was dealing with, they would give me a surgeon in our network. They promised to contact me on March 15th. They never called back. I tracked down the jackasses at the insurance, and they told me I need physical therapy first, even though the surgeon said surgery is the better option because of the damage.

So, I intend to see my primary doctor, ask him to set me up with physical therapy, and find me another surgeon. I am not dealing with those people anymore.

The good news is when I get back to work, I should have plenty of True Detective Stories for you soon.

7 thoughts on “A Health Update

  1. I am so thankful and glad that you and Mrs Earp are recovering and doing better. You are right though. It is a very slow process and there is no way to hurry things up unfortunately. Look forward to the TDS coming our way.


  2. Ronni – Already being written. Diego sent me a text message around 10am. It’s glorious.

    MelP – It’s completely frustrating. The only plus side is my shoulder has been resting for the last three weeks during the positive Covid recovery.


  3. Mike AKA Proof – Thanks. Missus isn’t out of the woods yet, but she’s getting there. I’d also really like to not get this ever again.


  4. Ingineer – Thanks. Erik had a lacrosse game yesterday, but she couldn’t go. It was cold and damp, not the best thing for someone recovering from pneumonia.

    Erik’s team is currently 4-0.


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