Biden’s Military Has Much To Be Desired

They’ve fallen and they can’t get up.

A tracked armored vehicle overturned Thursday in Salisbury, Maryland while training. Firefighters responded when the crew realized fuel was leaking out of the vehicle.

FIREFIGHTERS were called after a military vehicle overturned and was leaking fuel on Salisbury Plain Training Area. Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service was called to Bulford Camp at 2.25pm yesterday.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: “A crew from Amesbury was called to Bulford camp at 2.25pm yesterday to see whether we could assist with a fuel spillage from a military vehicle.

An MOD spokesperson said: “A military tracked vehicle slipped off a track and toppled during a tracked vehicle driver training course. Nobody was injured.”

Luckily, Michelle Obama righted the armored vehicle with her beefy arms and her man-hands.

UPDATE: This apparently happened in England, not the U.S. Thanks to Benjamin for pointing out my error.

9 thoughts on “Biden’s Military Has Much To Be Desired

  1. This seems to have happened in the UK. When the US military flips a track it usually just ends up as a meme somewhere.
    MOD is Ministry of Defence; Dorset, Wiltshire, and Salisbury are all UK locations.


  2. Problem is, it could easily be the U.S. Army with all the libtard Generals left in charge. I wonder if there are ANY left that know how to fight more than kiss ass.


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