Buy It Before It’s Off The Market!

It’s always stressful when you’re selling your home, or looking to buy one. One family in Portland, Oregon put their home up for sale, and if nothing else, it’s certainly… different.

9324 N Chautauqua Blvd, Portland, OR 97217

Very affordable home in N Portland! Home includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a master suite and a walk in closet. Home sits on a corner lot and has a 2 car, carport with plenty of exterior storage. Could make a great investment property or a starter home!

The outside photo looks unassuming enough, but when you start scrolling through the other photos, it gets a little weird…

I mean, if you’re into Middle Eastern/Asian decor, this is the place for you!

Obviously, the homeowners will take their furnishings, but I thought this was funny enough to post.

13 thoughts on “Buy It Before It’s Off The Market!

  1. When I bought my latest house in Stockton ( a repo), that shade of orange on the right of the picture was about what my living room, dining room and hallway looked like. Other rooms were pink, or purple or gray, with a couple painted the shade of Superman’s blue tights.
    I have since repainted nearly every room in the house. (Superman blue kinda grows on you!)


    1. This sorta reminds me of what happened to my pair of houses in Thailand after I sold them. The first thing the new owners did was repaint them like a collage of day glow “technicolor yawns” as the Aussies call tossing your cookies.

      I have the before & after photos, but they are really too depressing to share.

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  2. We went to an open house once that was close to that level, but Chinese motif. And the owner was there with the agent and was very proud of all the murals and such that could belong to a prospective buyer.


  3. RG – Shame, it looks like your perfect home. 🙂

    Mike AKA Proof – Paint the entire house Superman blue and you’ll get superpowers.

    MelP – That stupid parrot craps all over the rug!

    Ingineer – And by belong, he meant tossed into the trach can.

    Mike47 – They’re a few years too late.

    Cathy – Look kids, we have astroturf!

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