Oh, Canada

If you’ve ever been to Canada, you’d know most of the people there are very nice and unassuming. While Americans are busy rioting and burning down the big cities, Canada’s “criminals” are stealing a 600-pound unicorn.

Morgan the unicorn might not have much to say, but to the residents of Delia, Alta., he’s one of the most beloved community members. But as of Friday, the mystical two-year resident of the small southern Alberta town is missing.

According to Delia resident Jaydee Bixby, Morgan was stolen “under the cover of darkness” on Thursday night — a task that wouldn’t have been an easy feat for the bandits.

The unicorn statue — painted white with a gold horn and gold hooves — stands at roughly 11 feet tall and is made up of about 600 pounds of stainless steel, Bixby said. It’s also usually partially buried in the earth outside the Hand Hills Craft and Village Market in the town.

Honestly, if this happened in Philadelphia, I guarantee Julia would be the prime suspect.

8 thoughts on “Oh, Canada

  1. I would think it would take more than one person if it weighed 600 lbs and was 11 feet tall. Anyone see anything strange hanging out of the back of a pickup?


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